The Academy aims at leading and promoting high level research in the different areas of expertise of the Academy. These research areas focus on international humanitarian law (IHL), human rights, the law of collective security and peacekeeping, international criminal law and the law of refugees and internally displaced persons.

The Academy intends to contribute to a better understanding of the contemporary challenges facing the different branches of international law relating to its domain of expertise. The ultimate objective is to engage in in-depth reflection, based on scientific methods, which is often missing in domains that are constantly evolving in response to current events and are subject to the political pressures.

Research projects undertaken may be of a short, medium or long-term nature; be in partnership with other international and/or national organisations; as well as multidisciplinary in their approach. These projects are aimed at any person or organisation interested in the different domains of expertise at the Academy.

Prof. Vincent Chetail
Research Director

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