Executive Master in International Law in Armed Conflict



The Executive Master - Diploma of Advanced Studies in International Law in Armed Conflict (60 ECTS credits) - is delivered jointly by the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies and the University of Geneva. The programme is a two-year post-graduate degree for practitioners, which builds on the Academy's cutting edge research, academic excellence and historic ties to the International Committee of the Red Cross. It features distinguished faculty from the University of Geneva, the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, and other world-renowned universities, as well as members of the wider judicial and human rights community. Every year between fifteen and twenty practitioners - diplomats, legal advisors, NGO staff and human rights advocates - are admited to the programme, which is designed to enable participants to gain specialised knowledge, discuss pressing issues facing the international community, and search for ways in which the law can be applied to their day-to-day professional activities.

Individual modules are also offered in the context of the Academy’s Executive Master programme, enabling participants to draw on the comprehensive expertise of the programme’s faculty and to interact with other professionals attending the executive master programme.


alt Victor Ullom, Chief of Investigations at OHCHR (class of 2014-2015)

altNoémie Crottaz, UN represtative (class of 2013-2014)

altTill Papenfuss, Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue (class of 2013-2014)



Anh Thu Duong, Human Rights Council (class of 2011-2012) VIDEO TESTIMONIAL



Patrick Youssef, International Committee of the Red Cross (class of 2011-2012) VIDEO TESTIMONIAL

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