The Executive Master - Master of Advanced Studies (MAS: Maîtrise universitaire d'études avancées, 60 ECTS credits) in International Law in Armed Conflict - is delivered jointly by the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies and the University of Geneva.


Our programme will enable you to:


  • Acquire specialized knowledge regarding the legal framework applicable to armed conflicts, including the protection of human rights in armed conflict.
  • Develop legal skills and enhance your appreciation of the options and strategies available with regard to the protection of individuals and persecuted groups in times of armed violence.



  • Duration: Classes take place from the beginning of October 2014 to the end of May 2015. The thesis must be submitted by February 2016. Upon specific and motivated request, certain courses can be followed over two academic years (2014/15 and 2015/16)
  • Language of instruction: English
  • Schedule: twice a week, on Thursday evenings (18:00-20:30) and Friday afternoons (15:00-20:15)
  • Number of places available: approximately twenty
  • Venue: Villa Barton and Villa Moynier, Rue de Lausanne120B, Geneva, Switzerland
  • Degree: Executive Master/Diploma of Advanced Studies in International Law in Armed Conflict (60 ECTS credits)
  • Please click here to download the full 2014-2015 schedule




The Executive Master covers four subjects grouped into four modules: Public International Law, International Humanitarian Law, International  Criminal Law, and Human Rights in Armed Conflict. Each module consists of three to four courses, which, in turn, comprise five classes. Participants are required to complete a course evaluation at the end of each course. Final exams are administered at the end of the academic year, and cover the material of the four modules. Classes are complemented by tutorials held by teaching assistants.

1) Public International Law

  • Sources and Subjects of Public International Law
  • The Responsibility to Protect
  • Sanctions in Public International Law

2) International Humanitarian Law (IHL)

  • Basic Principles of IHL and the Conduct of Hostilities in International Armed Conflicts
  • Protection of Persons and Property in International Armed Conflicts
  • The Law of Non-International Armed Conflicts and Other Contested Issues
  • Classification of Armed Conflicts

3) Human Rights in Armed Conflict

  • The Interplay between International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights
  • Selected Issues of protection during Armed Conflict and Disaster
  • Peacekeeping and Human Rights in Armed Conflict

4) International Criminal Law

  • Criminal Repression of International Crimes
  • The Repression of Terrorism : Issues and Debates
  • The International Criminal Court

Research Paper

Participants are required to write a Master's thesis under the supervision of a member of the Academy's faculty. A class on research skills will help participants to research and write their theses. Participants are required to orally defend their thesis.

Extracurricular Activities

The programme is complemented by conferences, workshops, seminars, and other events organized throughout the year by the Academy.

Classes via live-streaming:

Participants in the entire Executive Master:
On an exceptional basis, classes can be followed online via live-streaming. Attendance via live-streaming is authorized by the programme coordinator only when duly justified and requested in advance (at the latest 48 hours before class). Valid reasons include work missions abroad or illness. Participants are required to attend at least 80% of classes in person.

Participants in inividual training modules:
Participants who only sign up for one or more modules can choose to follow the whole module via live-streaming. Such participants are strongly encouraged, but not required, to attend in person at least one class.

Procedure: Before the relevant class, participants will receive a link establishing an online connection. Participants following classes via live streaming:

  •     are not allowed to share the link with anybody, or invite additional people to attend the class;
  •     are not allowed to record the class;
  •     are allowed, during the class, to ask questions of the lecturer. Questions are sent to the teaching assistant, who then informs the lecturer accordingly.


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