We seek to integrate around 35 participants. We have approximately 20 places available without scholarships and 15 places available with scholarships (partial or full). Please refer to the application page for further information.


Although the number of well-qualified candidates is expected to greatly exceed the number of offers of admission available, the Academy invites all who would like to study International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights to apply for admission.



Eligibility Requirements





Full degree in law, enabling the applicant to sit the bar exam in the relevant country (the degree must be received by June 2014 at the latest)


NOTA BENE: We accept candidates with degrees other than in law only if they have a significant amount of training in public international law and courses related to our programme (international human rights law, international humanitarian law, international criminal law, etc.).




High academic records




A demonstrated interest in the subject matters of the programme (i.e., internships, summer school, conferences attended, etc.)




A good background in public international law is strongly recommended




Proficiency in English and strongly recommended passive knowledge of French (oral and written understanding) or proficiency in French and mandatory high passive knowledge of English (oral and written understanding)

Bilingual applicants and applicants who have two years of academic or professional experience in an English context qualify for a waiver for the language requirement (please refer to the application form).

Students whose mother tongue is neither English nor French  have to demonstrate proficiency in one of the two languages and passive knowledge of the other by possessing the following minimum requirements:


altFor applicants proficient in English: TOEFL scores of 600 in the paper-based test or 100 in the Internet-based test; minimum overall IELTS score of 6,5; or a Cambridge Advanced Certificate, grade B. Furthermore, they are expected to possess a sufficient passive knowledge of French; if they don't possess this skill, they are encouraged to take French courses before coming to Geneva and during their period of residence


alt For applicants proficient in French: a minimum level of skills of DALF C1 and a high passive knowledge of English (22-30 in the reading and listening section of the TOEFL internet based test)

Note: Core courses are taught in English. Exams can be taken in English or French and questions in class may be asked using either language. Students may ask to obtain the LL.M. diploma mentioning the French-English bilingualism if they pass  at least two exams in French and write the LL.M. paper in French.



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