Each application is considered in its entirety, including transcripts, extracurricular and voluntary activities, work experience, personal background, letters of recommendation, personal statement and language skills. Through individual consideration, the Admission Committee seeks not only to identify individual characteristics that are important to academic success in the programme, but also other qualities that promote vitality, diversity, and excellence in the student body.


Application Process

There are two tracks through which you can apply.

1)   without scholarship
2)   with scholarship (either full or partial: see further information on scholarships



Admitted students who have applied without requesting a scholarship cannot subsequently be taken into consideration for a scholarship request.

Applicants who have requested a scholarship when submitting their applications can be admitted to the programme only if their scholarship request is also successful.  We therefore strongly recommend to apply to the programme through the scholarship procedure only if the requirements for obtaining a scholarship are met.


Application Material

alt  The Admission process is now opened alt


Please submit  the following documents all at once





Applications might be considered till 15 February 2015.


LL.M Application Form : must be filled out imperatively whether applying with or without scholarship

  altWord Format 



Applications might be considered till 15 January 2015.


If you wish to apply through the Scholarship track,  please fill out this extra form :

Scholarship Application Form : alt Word Format 

By submitting a Scholarship request you are no longer considered in the non Scholarship application track


  3)   Curriculum vitae;
  4)   Personal statement (explaining the applicant’s interest in the program, between 1-3 pages)
  5)   Two letters of recommendation (no specific format required, and can be sent seperatly by post or e-mail by the applicant or by the person writing the letter);
  6)   Certified copies of relevant degrees and diplomas, with an officially certified translation when not in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish. (Those reapplying a second time do not need to resubmitted certified copies if they had applied the previous year).
  7)   Certified copies of official records of university examinations taken and grades obtained, with the same need for translation as above; (Those reapplying a second time do not need to resubmitted certified copies if they had applied the previous year).
  8)   TOEFL (results can be sent until 27 February) or IELTS score and/or DALF score. Please don't use the University of Geneva or Graduate Institute code. Kindly  forward  the original results or a copy to The Geneva Academy once you have received them. (Please refer to the admission section for minimal scores needed to be admitted).
  Non native English applicants who have two years of academic or professional experience in an English context qualify for a waiver for the language requirement (please refer to the application form).
  9)   Copy of your passport + photo ID by email or postal mail.

» Please do not send original documents, as all submitted materials become the property of the LL.M. programme upon receipt. Documents cannot be returned  to the applicant nor forwarded to other schools or agencies.

» You will need to bring your original diplomas and transcirpts to Geneva if you submit non-certified copies for your application.

» Please do not staple or bind the pages of your application.

We accept applications sent by postal mail  or e-mail:

Admission Office - Villa Moynier, Rue de lausanne 120B - CP 67 - 1211 Geneva 21 - Switzerland
Tel: +41 (0) 22 908 44 88 Fax: +41 (0) 22 908 44 99




If selected, the attendance to the LL.M. programme cannot be differed to the following year(s). However, it is possible to reapply, by following the same procedure as described above.




Application process time frame for candidates for the 2015-2016 academic year

»   With scholarship: November 2014-15 January 2015
»   Without scholarship: November 2014-15 February 2015 (late applications might be considered)


Communicating with the Admission Office

You will receive an aknowledgment of receipt message by email.
We make every effort to keep our admission process as swift as possible and therefore regret that we cannot reply to telephone, fax, or email inquiries asking us to verify receipt of application materials or confirm application status. Our applications office deals exclusively with admission to the Academy: inquiries regarding other programs, including PhD programs, at the University of Geneva or the Graduate Institute should be addressed to their respective secretariats.


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