Students must try their best to take care of themselves financially, in particular by searching for scholarships through public or private institutions in their country of origin and in Switzerland.

The  DIP - OFPC Office pour l'orientation, la formation professionnelle et continue grants scholarships or "chèque de formation" (750.-CHF) to residents of Geneva.

We recommend contacting the Students Services of your study institution, which will provide relevant advice and information, notably about scholarships or exchange programmes offered by your own government and/or institution. Then, contact the nearest Swiss consulate or embassy, where you will find information about studying and living in Switzerland and available governmental scholarships.


For those students who are unable to secure funding, the Geneva Academy has the generous support of some donors who offer a limited number of scholarships to admitted candidates, in accordance with certain specific requirements. Allocation of scholarships is based on: 1) country of origin; 2)  the evaluation of candidate's academic merit and financial need; 3) plans to return to the country of origin to strengthen its capacity building and know-how in the subject matters of the programme. For more information, see below.


Prospective students are required to indicate whether they need a scholarship at the same time as they apply for the programme, by ticking the appropriate box in the application form and by filling the scholarship application form.  Decisions on admission to the programme are made based the overall merit of the candidate and his/her ability to secure funding beyond the limited resources the Academy has at its disposal, while decisions on the attribution of scholarships also take into account whether the applicants satisfies the specific requirements established by the scholarship donor. 







Full scholarships

For low-income developing countries


Usually, these full scholarships cover the tuition fees (15,000 CHF) and the cost of living over 12 months (18,000 up to 20,000 CHF in total). The Academy can count on approximately 10 full scholarships.


At the moment, the donors contributing to the scholarship programme of the Academy agree to grant full scholarships to admitted applicants who:

1) Come geographically from low-income developing countries, according to the UNDP Human Development Index


2) Demonstrate academic merit


3) Do not possess the financial means to sustain the tuition fees of the programme and/or the cost of living in Geneva


4) State their plans to return  to their country of origin to strengthen its capacity building and expertise in the subject matters of the programme


Irene and Jenö Staehelin Scholarship

For a Young African Women

Specific requirements:

1) Come from an African country


2) Only females under 30 years old


3) Do not possess the financial means to sustain the tuition fees of the programme


4) State their plans to return to their country of origin to strengthen its capacity building and expertise in the subject matters of the programme



International Bar Association’s Human Rights Institute Bourse d’Excellence


For a European student


The scholarship granted by the International Bar Association's Human Rights Institute helps a European student to cover the costs of life while studying at the Geneva Academy.


The International Bar Association(IBA) is the world’s leading organisation of international legal practitioners, bar associations and law societies. It has a membership of over 55,000 individual lawyers and 206 bar associations and law societies spanning all continents. Established in 1995, the IBA’s Human Rights Institute(IBAHRI) works with the global legal community to promote and protect human rights and the independence of the legal profession worldwide.




Alumni Scholarship


For any Applicant



In August 2014, three Alumni of the Geneva Academy - Jean-Baptiste Maillart, Ilya Nuzov and Stephen Wilkinson and two other supporters - cycled from Geneva to Solferino (Italy) to raise money for a scholarship.

115 people donated, including 39 nationalities, from Haiti to Japan through Burkina Faso, France, Australia, Azerbaijan etc. Those include professors, directors, administrative staff of the Academy, colleagues, friends etc. But of course, those who gave the most are the alumni of the Academy, from the very first year of the CUDIH to the recent graduates.

The scholarship will cover the totality of the tuition fees and will be granted to a student on the basis of financial needs, academic performances and a demonstration of strong involvement in the defense of international humanitarian law and human rights.

More information and pictures about the trip are to be found here and here.




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