Jonathan Andrew

Jonathan Andrew

Research Fellow

Areas of expertise

International Human Rights Law  /  Freedom of Association and Assembly  /  Big Data  /  Privacy Law  /  IT and Data Protection Law

Dr Jonathan Andrew works as a Research Fellow on the Geneva Human Rights Platform’s initiative providing support for the United Nations (UN) Special Procedures of the UN Human Rights Council. In this context, he is developing an assessment tool for impact evaluation of the contribution made by communications and country visits of the thematic and country mandates.

Besides his work at the Geneva Academy, Dr Andrew is also the Data Protection Advisor to the Consortium of 14 partner institutions of the EU Horizon 2020 project 'ITFlows'.

Dr Andrew formerly worked at the European University Institute (EUI) as Project Manager for SURVEILLE, a cross-disciplinary collaborative research project funded by the European Commission, where he focused on the impact of the surveillance of mobile devices on freedom of movement, assembly and association. Before joining the EUI, he worked as a Senior Legal Adviser with the Danish Refugee Council. His professional experience includes consulting in IT and business process re-engineering.

Dr Andrew holds a PhD in Public International Law from the European University Institute and the Academy of European Law’s Diploma. His doctoral thesis examined the concept of locational privacy in relation to human mobility, focusing on how the classification and terminology of technologies influence the construct of legal metaphors in bridging gaps in applying existing context and precedent.

Research Projects



We are a partner of the Human Rights, Big Data and Technology Project, housed at the University of Essex’s Human Rights Centre, which aims to map and analyse the human rights challenges and opportunities presented by the use of big data and associated technologies. It notably examines whether fundamental human rights concepts and approaches need to be updated and adapted to meet the new realities of the digital age.

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Past projects


Human Rights in the Digital Age

Completed in 1 June 2020

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First page of the article

Location data and human mobility: an evaluation of a dissonance that frames data protection and privacy rights

February 2018

Jonathan Andrew

European University Institute, Department of Law

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First page of the article

Legal issues related to the use of surveillance data for profiling

April 2013

Jonathan Andrew

SURVEILLE Deliverable 4.2.

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