Yosuke  Nagai

Yosuke Nagai

Visiting Research Fellow

Dr Yosuke Nagai is the founder and CEO of Accept International and a Visiting Research Fellow at the Geneva Academy. 

Since the establishment of Accept International in 2011, he has mainly been active in implementing deradicalization and reintegration programmes for defectors and prisoners of violent extremist groups in Somalia, Yemen, Kenya, and Indonesia. He has also conducted various outreach programmes on the front lines for voluntary defections from such groups and sensitization programmes for community-based reconciliation, even in areas of active conflict.

Through the social impacts he made and high experience in the field, he serves as a special advisor on P/CVE to the Somali Custodial Corps, an advisor to the mediation committee for a prisoner swap deal between the Yemeni government and the Huthi de facto authorities, as well as members of expert meetings and technical working groups in UN agencies.

Along with his practical work on the ground, he has conducted research on necessary protection and empowerment for youths who associate/associated with non-state armed groups including violent extremist groups, with the aim to establish an international norm for such young people.

Yosuke holds a PhD in Social Science from the Waseda University, and a Master Degree in Conflict Studies from the London School of Economics and Political Science.