Robin Geiß

Robin Geiß

Swiss Chair of International Humanitarian Law at the Geneva Academy and Professor of International Law and Security at the University Of Glasgow

Areas of expertise

Armed Conflicts  /  International Humanitarian Law  /  International Human Rights Law  /  Autonomous Weapons  /  International Criminal Law  /  Counter-terrorism  /  Peacekeeping  /  United Nations  /  New Technologies  /  Cyber Security

Robin Geiß is the Swiss Chair of International Humanitarian Law at the Geneva Academy. He is Professor of International Law and Security at the University of Glasgow, Director of the Glasgow Centre for International Law and Security (GCILS) and an invited visiting scholar at the Paris School of International Affairs, Sciences Po.

He has taught, researched and published on a variety of topics related to international humanitarian law, human rights law and the legal and ethical implications of new technologies, and is recognized as a leading expert in these fields.

A former Legal Adviser to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), he is editor of the Yearbook of International Humanitarian Law and serves on the advisory boards of the Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (SWP) and the German Foundation for Peace Research. He is a member of the Lieber Prize Committee of the American Society of International Law and the German National Committee on International Humanitarian Law.

From 2011-2013 he was also a member of the international group of experts that drafted the Tallinn Manual on cyberwarfare under the auspices of NATO’s Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence.

Research Projects

Computer screen with warning: civilian infrastucture: do not attack Project

Digitalization of Conflict Joint Initiative: Humanitarian Impact and Legal Protection

This project will explore humanitarian consequences and protection needs caused by the digitalization of armed conflicts and the extent to which these needs are addressed by international law, especially international humanitarian law.

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Screen Shot of Obsolete, a game made for the 7DFPS project in 7 days. Download for PC and Mac Project

Disruptive Military Technologies

Via a new lecture series on disruptive military technologies, this project aims at staying abreast of the various military technology trends; promoting legal and policy debate on new military technologies; and furthering the understanding of the convergent effects of different technological trends shaping the digital battlefield of the future.

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Cover page of the book

The 'Legal Pluriverse' Surrounding Multinational Military Operations

January 2020

Robin Geiß, Heike Krieger

Oxford University Press

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Cover page of the book

Humanizing the Laws of War

June 2017

Robin Geiß, Stefanie Haumer, Andreas Zimmermann

Cambridge University Press

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Cover page of the book

Autonomous Weapons Systems: Law, Ethics, Policy

September 2016

Robin Geiß, Nehal Bhuta, Susanne Beck, Hin-Yan Liu, Claus Kreβ

Cambridge University Press

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Cover page of the book

Piracy and Armed Robbery at Sea: The Legal Framework for Counter-Piracy Operations in Somalia and the Gulf of Aden


Robin Geiß, Anna Petrig

Oxford Scholarship Online

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Our research examines issues that are under-explored, need clarification, or are unconventional, experimental or challenging.

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We provide training and short courses for professionals who want to deepen their expertise in a specific issue.

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UNMISS Peacekeepers News

New Working Paper Examines the Role of Peacekeeping Operations in Ensuring Respect for IHL

5 October 2021

The UN Security Council and Common Article 1: Understanding the Role of Peacekeeping Operations in Ensuring Respect for IHL examines the applicability of article 1 common to the Geneva Conventions of 1949 – on the obligation to respect and ensure respect for IHL – to the UN, with a specific focus on peacekeeping operations.

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Computer screen with html code News

New Working Paper Discusses the Relevance of Smart Mix of Measure in AI Governance and Regulation

1 October 2021

Our new Working Paper discusses how current initiatives on the regulation of artificial intelligence technologies should incorporate the protection and respect for human rights.

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 Taliban fighters on a truck in Kabul, August 17 2021 IHL Talks


28 October 2021, 15:00-16:00

This online IHL talk aims at shining light on some of the many legal, political and protection-related challenges stemming from the situation in Afghanistan.

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