Dominique Giselle Luchsinger Faret

Dominique Giselle Luchsinger Faret

Visiting Research Fellow

Dominique Luchsinger Faret is a lawyer in Chile, where she worked on bankruptcy law as part of the Superintendency of Insolvency and Entrepreneurship.

She is currently pursuing a PhD in human rights, democracy and international justice at the University of Valencia, where she also did her master's degree. Her doctoral research focuses on the human right to water and sanitation and its interrelation with other economic, social, and cultural rights, including the right to food, and the protection of the environment.

She started her research on this topic during her master's studies, developing her final project on the right to water and sanitation in Chile, analyzing the Chilean national law, reviewing the current state of the national water situation, dominated by a serious drought, contrasting it with international human rights standards, both universal and regional.

During her master’s studies, Dominique also participated in the University of Valencia Law Faculty Legal Clinic for Social Justice which gives advice, in the ambit of human rights, to NGOs, non-profit organisations and people without enough economic resources.