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1 December 2016, 18:30-20:00


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Does Torture Prevention Work?


Blurry image of man in a prison cell in Honduras Blurry image of man in a prison cell in Honduras

The first independent, in-depth global study of the impact of torture prevention measures, involving more than 20 researchers in 16 countries, gives important new insights into the most effective ways to reduce torture and ill-treatment.

The research shows that torture can be prevented, in particular by improving safeguards during the first hours of detention and by closing gaps between law and practice. This joint event, organized with the Association for the Prevention of Torture will discuss the main findings of the research, as well as to explore their policy implications.


Martine Brunschwig Graf, President, Association for the Prevention of Torture (chair)

Richard Carver, Oxford Brookes University

Jens Modvig, Chair, UN Committee against torture

Adeline Hazan, Contrôleure générale des lieux de privation de liberté