Study Trip

Nuremberg Court Room Nuremberg Court Room

In the second semester students have the opportunity to go on a study trip to learn about leading institutions and organizations active in the field of transitional justice.

In the 2016–2017 academic year students will travel to Nuremberg, Germany, symbolic of dealing with Germany’s Nazi past. During the trip students will be able to visit the famous Courtroom 600 where the Nuremberg trials took place in 1945, as well as other sites of memorialization and museums.

The study trip will be conducted in cooperation with the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg and will also include a special lecture on war crimes, trials and memorialization efforts in Germany.

Why Choose the Geneva Academy?

The Geneva Academy is a leading education and research institution in international humanitarian law, human rights and transitional justice.

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How We Work

Our teaching enables specialists to apply legal frameworks to complex situations and challenging processes.

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Our research examines issues that are under-explored, need clarification, or are unconventional, experimental or challenging.

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The Geneva Academy is uniquely positioned, with its proximity to the United Nations and other international bodies in Geneva, its expert faculty and its highly motivated, extraordinarily diverse, and very stimulating student body. It is extremely fulfilling to be part of it.

William A. Schabas

Professor of International Law at Middlesex University, London