Executive Master in International Law in Armed Conflict: What Participants Say

Portrait of Mohibullah Taib Portrait of Mohibullah Taib

28 July 2020

Mohibullah Taib is an Afghan diplomat in charge of human rights at the Permanent Mission of Afghanistan to the United Nations (UN) in Geneva. Prior to that, he was the Deputy Director of the Human Rights Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan and the first diplomat of Afghanistan in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Why did you choose the Executive Master in International Law in Armed Conflict?

I chose this programme because it provides an outstanding opportunity to acquire a solid knowledge in public international law, international humanitarian law, international criminal law, and international refugee law while working in Geneva. I really need to learn more about these topics to perform better and carry out my responsibilities here in Geneva as well as throughout my career.

Does it respond to your expectations?

It does. The programme provides me with the essential knowledge to understand better the issues I am dealing with here, notably at the UN Human Rights Council, treaty bodies and much more. While the programme is still ongoing, I feel that I already gained a lot.

What are the highlights of the programme?

Geneva is a unique centre for human rights and humanitarian issues and it is clear for me that this programme offers a unique opportunity to learn about both international human rights law and IHL in the best practical and possible way in Geneva.

A Moment you particularly enjoyed?

I enjoyed the interactive discussions almost in all courses and of course the level of professionalism shown by the professors.

What will it bring to your career?

As a person who works in the foreign service, the programme provides me with a good level of knowledge in very essential topics for my career. It will strengthen me to perform better and work with more self-confidence.

Would you recommend it?

Yes of course! It’s one of the best academic programmes for professionals who want to continue learning simultaneously with responsibilities in his/her office.


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