The Geneva Academy Participates in a Major Project on Implementing the Rights of Peasants

8 March 2022

The Geneva Academy is participating in a major project, coordinated by Action de Carême and funded by the Swiss Development and Cooperation Agency, that aims at implementing the rights of peasants enshrined in the UN Declaration on the Rights of Peasants (UNDROP) in 10 countries of the Global South.

The project RAISE – for Rights-Based and Agroecological Initiatives for Sustainability and Equity in Peasant Communities – will work in the following countries: the Philippines, India, Nepal, Kenya, Niger, Mali, Burkina Faso, South Africa, Bolivia and Mexico.

The RAISE partners just issued their first joint statement that welcomes the report of the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food on Seeds, Right to Life and Farmer's Rights.

Building Capacity

As a strategic partner, the Geneva Academy will train the project’s partners and local peasants’ organizations of these countries on the rights of peasants and the use of national, regional and international mechanisms to protect them. The Geneva Academy team will also provide strategic guidance to national actors on the use of United Nations human rights mechanisms to ensure respect for the rights of peasants.

‘Our implication in this project forms part of our strategic objective to focus on the implementation of UNDROP. This is a unique opportunity to bring concrete changes in the lives of peasants on the ground and ensure that their rights are respected and implemented’ explains Dr Christophe Golay, Strategic Adviser on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and Senior Research Fellow at the Geneva Academy.

‘Having the Geneva Academy on board in this project will allow us to bring a much-needed human rights accountability framework in these countries. The Geneva Academy’s unique expertise on the rights of peasants and its experience in building capacity of national actors will be key to train national peasants’ organization and bring legislative and policy changes’ says Claudia Fuhrer at Action de Carême.


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View of the European Court of Human Rights News

The Geneva Academy Will Intervene as a Third Party in the Case Ukraine and the Netherlands v. Russia

27 March 2023

The Geneva Academy has been granted leave by the European Court of Human Rights to intervene as a third-party – along with 26 governments – in the Inter-State case Ukraine and the Netherlands v. Russia

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Universal Declaration of Human Rights at 75: Reimagining Protection for a World in Turmoil

12 June 2023, 14:00-15:30

This event, co-organized with Amnesty International, will discuss the gains made since the UDHR adoption, challenges to the international normative framework on human rights and what the international community needs to do for a better future.

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Wooden lollypop sticks are used to label vegetable seeds in a greenhouse. Event

UNDROP and the EU Seed Marketing Reform: Perspectives from Croatia

12 June 2023, 16:00-17:30

Panlists will look into what UNDROP and the EU reform mean in the Croatian context, and how positive aspects of the national legislation could input the reform or, alternatively, suffer from new and more restrictive rules at the EU level.

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Garment workersto receive food from their factory during lunch time. This food is freely provided by their factory in order to ensure that workers eat healthy and hygienic food. Training

Business and Human Rights

4-8 September 2023

This training course will examine how the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights have been utilized to advance the concept of business respect for human rights throughout the UN system, the impact of the Guiding Principles on other international organizations, as well as the impact of standards and guidance developed by these different bodies.

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The International Human Rights Standards and System: Monitoring and Implementation Strategies at the National Level

3-7 July 2023

This training course will delve into the means and mechanisms through which national actors can best coordinate their human rights monitoring and implementation efforts, enabling them to strategically navigate the UN human rights system and use the various mechanisms available in their day-to-day work.

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Wheat field Project

The Right to Seeds in Europe

Started in January 2018

The project will notably identify the main opportunities and obstacles to protect the right to seeds in Europe. It will also discuss how to promote changes in European laws, policies and trade agreements to ensure that they do not infringe, but facilitate the realization of peasants’ right to seeds.

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First annual conference of the Geneva Human Rights Platform Project

The Annual Conference of the Geneva Human Rights Platform

Started in June 2019

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Climate Change in the Security Council: Obstacles, Opportunities, and Options

published on May 2023

Erica Harper, Adam Day

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Cover page of the third-party intervention Publication

Third-Party Intervention: Ukraine and the Netherlands v. Russia

published on April 2023

Gloria Gaggioli, Francesco Romani

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