Our New Visiting Fellow: Dominique Giselle Luchsinger Faret

2 May 2022

Dominique Luchsinger Faret is a lawyer in Chile, currently pursuing a PhD in human rights, democracy and international justice at the University of Valencia, where she also did her master's degree.

Her doctoral research focuses on the human right to water and sanitation and its interrelation with other economic, social, and cultural rights (ESCR), including the right to food, and the protection of the environment.

She just started as Visiting Fellow at the Geneva Academy and will stay with us until July 2022.

What Motivated you to Carry out a Fellowship at the Geneva Academy?

Carrying out a fellowship at the Geneva Academy is a great opportunity to learn and connect with high-level researchers, allowing me to expand my knowledge of human rights, with a particular focus on ESCR.

The Geneva Academy is a cosmopolitan and interesting community that offers the possibility to participate in key discussions on human rights. I will also participate as a lecturer in the training course Building Back Better: A Focus on the Right to Health and the Right to Food.

What will be the Focus of your Research during this Fellowship?

During this fellowship, the focus of my research will be on deepening the understanding of the interrelation of the right to water and sanitation and other rights such as the right to food, as well as analysing the relevance of including the right to water and sanitation in National Constitutions for its full realization. I will be taking as an example the Chilean Constitutional Convention currently in progress.

Why are these Issues Important?

Access to water is essential to achieve almost every other human right. Consequently, the recognition and protection of the human right to water and sanitation should be a priority for all countries, but unfortunately, not every national constitution recognizes and guarantees this right.

What Will be the Impact of this Research?

I hope that this research will be a small contribution to highlighting the importance of full recognition of the human right to water and sanitation.

What Do You Expect from your Time at the Geneva Academy?

I expect to advance in my research and to learn points of view from more experienced researchers about the topics of my investigation, all of which will be very enriching.


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