LLM in IHL and Human Rights: What our Students Say

31 January 2023

Belén Guerrero Romero is enrolled in our LLM in International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights. In this interview, he tells about her background, the programme and what it will bring to her career.

About Me

My name is Belén Guerrero Romero and I am a 24 years-old Spanish woman. I hold two bachelor’s degrees from the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, one in law and one in international relations.

Before coming to Geneva, I had the opportunity to undertake an internship at the Human Rights Division of the Spanish Ministry of Justice, as well as an internship at the NGO Plan International – where I supported the development of humanitarian aid projects aimed at ensuring children’s education in the context of the ongoing armed conflicts in Nigeria and Ethiopia.

I am a very energetic person who loves travelling, vegan food, and cats.

Why did you choose the LLM at the Geneva Academy?

I chose the LLM at the Geneva Academy because I was looking for a specialized yet multi-disciplinary programme in which I could learn all the branches of public international law that are of special relevance during and after armed conflicts.

I am highly interested in the promotion and protection of human rights throughout conflicts, and in the promotion of accountability for violations thereto. In this regard, the LLM is allowing me to get a good grasp on crucial fields like international humanitarian law, international criminal law, and international human rights law.

What are you particularly enjoying about this programme?

I am particularly enjoying the depth in which we are acquainted with the different legal branches taught at the LLM. I really feel this programme is preparing students to become great strategic litigators, academics, and field workers.

Would you Recommend it?

I would totally recommend this LLM to anyone who wants to dedicate his or her career to the prevention and resolution of conflicts through international law. It is a very demanding and intense year, but it is absolutely worth it, and will open a lot of doors!

What are you planning to do next?

I would love to work for an international organization, NGO, or international criminal tribunal investigating, reporting, and analysing human rights violations during conflicts from an intersectional and gender-competent approach. The LLM at the Geneva Academy is an invaluable step in this regard, in which I am being able to benefit from both core and optional courses incredibly well-tailored for such an aim.

Why did you choose to be photographed in the Park surrounding Villa Moynier?

I chose to be photographed in this park, which is home to the Geneva Academy. I live very close by and I love to walk around during sunny days, from where the view of Lake Léman and the snowy alps behind is just stunning.



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